AUR-1001 represents a great investiment opportunity. The Return of Investment (ROI) will occur in 3-5 years after the exit point when  the beneficial clinical activity has been  demonstrated. ROI may include:

i)      Lincensing down payment fee in the double-digit figure;
ii)     Development milestones payments;
iii)    Royalties on sales

AUR-1001 will be indicated for the treatment of APS patients resistent to anticoagulant therapy (rAPS). The number of patients with rAPS is estimated to be 110.000/yr in EU+US+Japan. In most cases, treatment will be life-long and the cost of treatment will probably be in the range of 20.000-40.000 USD/year. Being a first-in-class drug and the only specific therapeutic option for rAPS patient, it is estimated that, at peak sales, the drug can capture nearly 100% of the market share and that peaks sales can be reached very quickly in approx 3-4 years. Therefore, AUR-1001 has the potential to become a breakthrough treatment for an unmet medical need and a very attractive business opportunity.

AUR-1001 will initially be developed as stand-alone treatment for rAPS. However, in the future its clinical use can include other therapeutic regimens such as co-treatment and prevention thus further expanding its use and commercial potential.